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Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary Tour & Information


The Department of Wildlife and National Parks (DWNP) established National Elephant Conservation Centre in 1989. The centre is a base for the Elephant Relocation Team, which began the elephant translocation programme in 1974.

The only one of its kind in Malaysia, the team is dedicated to locating, subduing and then translocation problem elephants from areas where their habitats are constantly being encroached by plantations, to other suitable habitats throughout Peninsular, including Taman Negara National Park. Over the past 30 years the 24 strong team has helped to prevent the further decline of the elephant population by relocating more than 450 wild elephants.

In addition of being the home to the translocation team and a herd of resident elephants, the centre also carries out public awareness activities related to the conservation issues of elephants in Malaysia. It also supports research activities on elephant translocation and conservation. The centre is open to visitors throughout the year. Visitors can ride the elephant within the centre; assist in bathing and feeding them.
The awareness activities strive to educate the public about the importance of the species and habitat protection. Visitors are encouraged to view a video presentation on elephant translocation at the centre. Upon request special programme can be arranged for school groups. A scheduled visitor’s programme is available, which could be referred under the “Visitor Timetable” below.

The Resident Elephants at the Centre

The centre houses a number of resident elephants which were brought in from Thailand and Myanmar. These elephants are trained and used in translocation exercise of catching problem wild elephants in throughout Peninsular Malaysia. The centre also looks after orphaned elephants to ensure their continued survival.

The Asian Elephants

The Peninsular Malaysian elephants belong to the Asian elephants (Elephas maximus) is listed as a critically endangered species, with less than 40,000 wild elephants in Asia, including a maximum of 1,200 wild elephants in Peninsular Malaysia. Protecting the Asian elephants help safeguard thousands of other species within its habitat. The elephant creates vital natural pathways by knocking over trees, allowing smaller species to feed, as well as dispersing plant seeds in its dung. However, due to habitat loss, elephants are forced to hunt for food in convert areas surrounding forest such as plantations, where they raid crops on a massive scale. This is why the translocation team has such a dire responsibility to move these elephants, to prevent them from otherwise being shot by farmers, or simply dying of starvation.

Visitor Timetable at the Centre
Visitors are encouraged to participate in activities from 2.00 pm onwards.
 2.15 pm
Visitors are invited to ride and elephant around the centre.
 2.30 pm
Visitors can join the elephants as they bathe and swim in the river under staff supervision.
 3.30 pm
Visitors can participate in feeding the elephants, their dinner of banana, carrot, papaya etc.
 3.45 pm
Visitors may view a video on issues surrounding wild elephants, diminishing habitat and translocation
How to Get There & Easy Booking
Visitors are encouraged to contact the center to facilitate arrangements and to determine whether the center can accommodate your visit especially if you are coming in a big group. Visitors are advised to bring with them additional clothing should they wish to participate in bathing activities with the elephants in the river. The center welcomes visitors to the National Elephant Conservation Center with the aim of educating with outdoor activities.

For Easy Booking for a Visit, you may contact ; 
Hotline 1  : +6019 662 2929 
Hotline 2  : +6019 237 6999 
or email   :
Cost         : RM 220 nett/person (Min 2 person per booking)
                     Inclusive of return transfer on guided tour (SIC) English Speaking Driver 
                     + Conservation Fee 
                     + 1 Picnic Lunch
Your Support and Contribution Needed

The National Elephant Conservation Centre at Kuala Gandah is managed by the Department of Wildlife and National Parks Peninsular Malaysia. Continuous efforts are being undertaken to enhance the existing facilities either for research and development or visitors to the centre. The Department strives to make this centre as the region’s most outstanding elephant training and conservation centre. We welcome any form of assistance and support.

Enquiries pertaining to assistance and contribution can be forwarded to the staff at the centre. The Department of Wildlife and National Parks Peninsular Malaysia has established the Elephant Trust Fund to facilitate donation from the public. You can also forward your enquiries by writing to the following address:
National Elephant Conservation Centre (NECC)
Department of Wildlife and National Parks (DWNP/PERHILITAN)
Kuala Gandah, 28500 Lanchang
Pahang Darul Makmur

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Elephant Sanctuary Kuala Gandah Conflict


Website  :
Email      :   
Hotline    : +6019 662 2929 / 019 237 6999

Peninsula Malaysia experiencing the fastest growth in economics and every states have it's own set of economies to sustain the peoples and to modernized the inhabitants. Even though selected logging and deforestation for Malaysia most valuable Palm Oil Plantation has been in practice, this activities have affected the natural habitat and the environment. Elephant has been one of the species that has been affected. Yet Malaysia Government through the Forestry Ministry and Wildlife Dept has been doing it best to relocate the elephants.
Elephant Sanctuary Kuala Gandah +6019 662 2929  Website :

Elephant Sanctuary Kuala Gandah +6019 662 2929  Website :

The wildlife rangers at Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary (KGES) has practice to capture elephants that raid village fields and move them to other areas to avoid conflicts. The rangers deploy tame elephants, trained in neighboring countries such as Thailand and Myanmar, to the jungle to calm down wild elephants before trucking them out.

For the past 30 years, more than 300 elephants has been relocated to safe havens.
The Asian Elephant is endangered; roughly 1000 or so wild animals remain in Peninsula Malaysia. The sanctuary is run by the Department of Wildlife and National Parks (Perhilitan) and is the base for the Elephant Relocation Team.
Elephant Sanctuary Kuala Gandah +6019 662 2929  Website :

Elephant Sanctuary Kuala Gandah +6019 662 2929  Website :

Elephant Sanctuary Kuala Gandah +6019 662 2929  Website :

Elephant Sanctuary Kuala Gandah +6019 662 2929  Website :

Lowland rainforest is elephant habitat. But this jungle habitat is under pressure from expanding rubber and oil palm plantations and human settlements. That means humans and wild animals clash sometimes. In the past wild elephants were poisoned and shot; now they are sent to protected areas like Taman Negara and forest reserves.

Conservation of these magnificent mammals is the primary function of the Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary. Public awareness of the issues related to translocation and research help to educate everyone on the efforts to protect critical habitats for these endangered rainforest animals.

Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary Activities

Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary is one of the best Eco tourism, nature tourism destination for family visit, be it Malaysian or worldwide visitors. Children of all ages enjoy riding elephants and further more life time experiences to be splashing around with an Elephant in the river. A shelter with tables and benches provides good picnic spots. And a few trees shade the riverbank to cool off the young and old. The afternoons are very hot and tiring, so protect little ones with sunscreen and hats, bring lots of water or move to the air-conditioned visitors centre for a heat break.

Register your self or your group at the visitors centre and re-check the program schedule for changes. There is not much else around the visitors centre, - no lodging and few refreshments - so be prepared. It's best to bring your own food and drink. A few stalls sell drinks and burgers on occasion and a small cafe operates nearby, but don't count on it to satisfy hungry crowds. T-shirts and other items are available at the souvenir shop.

Elephant Sanctuary Kuala Gandah +6019 662 2929  Website :

Elephant Sanctuary Kuala Gandah +6019 662 2929  Website :

Usually your program after arrival will start off with the 30-minute video in the AV room that shows the difficult process of trapping wild elephants and moving them to new locations. Also, take a few minutes to take in the displays and marvel at the skull size of an elephant species.

KGES is a popular destination on weekends and during school holidays. It can be getting really crowded during this period. if you are 2 to few person, that should be fine. But if you consist of a group numbers, it is always better to check and call your Travel Agent to pre-arrange the program at a suitable date.

Visitors are not charged a fee; instead a donation is sought for the Elephant Trust Fund. Usually we advise visitor to pay RM 20 - 30 per person. If you taking package, your pckage already inclusive of this Conservation Fee. 

Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary: Schedule

Visitor Information1:00 to 2:00 pmWatch the introduction video and visit the exhibition area.
Elephant Feeding2:00 to 2:30 pmKids feed the elephants fruit and vegetables while tethered under a covered shelter.
Elephant Rides2:30 to 3:00 pmRide the big jumbos for a short jaunt around the compound and get some good family photos.
Elephant Bathing3:00 to 3:30 pmGet wet with these wild creatures in the river and cool off and be sure to follow park staff instructions for a safe splash.
Picnic Break3:30 to 4:00 pmPack a lunch and rest a while by the river before heading out.

For Easy Booking for a Visit, you may contact ; 
Hotline 1  : +6019 662 2929 
Hotline 2  : +6019 237 6999 
or email   :
Cost         : RM 220 nett/person (Min 2 person per booking)
                  Inclusive of return transfer on guided tour (SIC) English Speaking Driver 
                  + Conservation Fee 
                  + 1 Picnic Lunch

Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary is Open to Public
Daily from 8.30 am to 4.30 pm 
  • If you consist of Group ( 15 - 60 people) advance notice is required
  • In order in not disrupting the KGES Operations flows, all participants, Visistors                      are required to follow KGES's staff instructions at all times 
  • It is advisable to bring a set of clothes for change (restroom and showers available)                            as your are most likely will try to have an elephant ride and those who wanted to bath the elephant, rather bath together with the Elephant by having the Elephant dropping the who bunch of visitors on its back into the river, you need to have cloths to change
  • No accommodation available at the sanctuary

Getting There

  • From Kuala Lumpur proceed to the Karak Highway and then the East Coast Expressway
  • Exit at the Lanchang toll and come to a T-junction
  • Take a right turn and follow the signboards to Kuala Gandah
  • The tarmac road narrows over the last few kilometers, so drive slow
  • An Orang Asli settlement is at the end of the road just before reaching the sanctuary

Elephant Sanctuary Kuala Gandah Information


Mobile     : +6 019 662 2929  

Kuala Gandah Elephant Conservation Centre, or popularly referred to as the Elephant Orphanage Sanctuary, is located within the bio diversified-rich and protected Krau Game Reserve & was set up in 1989 under the DWNP 
, manned by the Elephant Capture & Translocation Unit .
The Teris River acts as a natural border between the reserve and the Che' wong Orang Asli village - the last tribe of its kind found in Malaysia. The name Kuala Gandah is, itself, taken from the small stream running near the electric compound enclosure which houses the elephants during the day from 830am to 2pm before they are transferred to the roofed holding area.

Prior to this arrangement, the ECTU was a mobile operating team since its establishment in 1974 with a temporary base at the Jengka Pusat plantation where a huge area of jungle was carved to

make way for the planting of oil palm and rubber trees and given to poor families to work on as a means of eradicating poverty amongst the rural folk and to rid of subversive hideouts during the communist insurgency days in the 1970s.

The clearing of the jungles created consistent confrontations between the wild elephants and the settlers. The unit remained there until 1981 before it moved to Kuala Lompat on the north eastern side of Krau Game Reserve.

However, it must be noted that cutting down of the forests here are done for the overall benefit of the people of Malaysia within the poverty line and compared to any other countries in the world

- Malaysia has THE BEST record in forest preservation AND reforestation.

Find out the world's 10 BIGGEST CULPRITS that keep on warming up the fragile world and yet blames Malaysia for supposedly cutting down all the forests.

ECTU's dedicated and never ending function is to the continued protection and translocation of wild elephants, from areas where there is conflict between wild elephants and humans, into bigger and safer jungle reserves land while educating locals on the correct steps to protect their farms whilst supporting wildlife conservation.

This unit is one of its kind in the world where the possibilities of being charged or trampled by enraged wild elephants happens for 2/3 weeks every month! It is a thankless job where only a very tiny percentage of the general public is aware of the existence, dedication and sacrifices these magnificent men make every month in order to provide a win-win situation for both the wild elephants and the human planters!

Currently, there are 32 full time and 6 contracted staff working, living in and near the centre complete with housing facilities.

Water is supplied and piped in from the upper reaches of the cool, clear and clean Sungai Batu waterfalls which lies within the gazetted " Protected Areas " of the Krau Game Reserve while electricity supply is on a 24 hour basis.
Although the sanctuary was set up in late 1989, it was only in 1997 that the general Malaysian public and the world knew of its existence, thanks to the far sighted of a very good friend of the sanctuary, who is often referred to as The Elephant Man!

Not only did he suggested, created activities and led surprised visitors to this sanctuary, but unselfishly invited the media, tourist guides and travel agencies to see what the sanctuary has to offer as he realised that the sanctuary IS for everyone!

The rest, as they history. If you do meet him here during one of his volunteering visits - feel free to ask anything there is about the sanctuary and elephants over a cup of tea and he will make your day a very unforgetable one for you! Be warned though - he will try his best to convince you to pass the good word around and get material donations for the ETCU!

For Easy Booking for a Visit, you may contact ; 
Hotline 1  : +6019 662 2929 
Hotline 2  : +6019 237 6999 
or email   :
Cost        : RM 220 nett/person (Min 2 person per booking)
                Inclusive of return transfer on guided tour (SIC) 
                English Speaking Driver 
                + Conservation Fee 
                + 1 Picnic Lunch

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Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary, Lanchang Pahang


Kuala Gandah | Elephant Sanctuary Malaysia | Elephant Tours Malaysia | Deer Farm Malaysia | Kuala Lumpur Eco Tours | 

The Malaysia Most Famous and Like Tour is Elephant Sanctuary Tours. Malaysian, International Tourist who love nature and wildlife, this is the most approachable and easily access Elephant Sanctuary in South East Asia. 
Visiting Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary by supporting Conservation Fees, Elephant Bathing Fee is one sincere gesture to support and recognize Malaysia Government, Ranger Dept in doing their conservation of Malaysia Elephant continuing existence.

Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary Malaysia was set up for the Wild and abandoned Elephant for rehabilitation before being release back to the wild, in area that is natural habitat to this wild beast. it is surely a worthwhile visit to any visitors, tourist as each of you will contribute in a small-way into this good caused as your Tour Package have included a small Conservation Fees in form of Entrance Fee.

The Elephant Sanctuary Kuala Gandah to support research into elephant translocation and conservation and also aims to promote public awareness of the elephant's plight in Malaysia. 

For Booking or Query, Contact us at 
Mobile / What's App : +6019 662 2929  / 019 229 5757

Elephant Bathing Activities supervise by Wildlife Ranger

Elephant Feeding by Visitors - Control Items & Supervise

Local Malaysia Fruit - Jambu Air

Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary Bathing Session

Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary

Kuala Gandah Elephant Orphanage Sanctuary, Pahang is a rare and fantastic opportunity to get up close to endemic Malaysian elephants.

This truly unique Elephant Orphanage of Kuala Gandah in Pahang will give you a very rare opportunity to learn about these displaced gentle giants.Get the chance to ride them through the jungle, with the help of an elephant guide, or mahout.

For the brave and adventurous, there are opportunities to take the elephants down to the river and help give them a bath! There really is no better opportunity than this to get in touch with these grey giants.

It is estimated that there are only 1,200 wild Asian Elephants, also known as Elephus Maximus, left in Malaysia and this is the only conservation centre set up to relocate these displaced pachyderms.

Kuala Gandah is about 2 hours leisure drive from Kuala Lumpur. A day trip to Kuala Gandah - The Elephant sanctuary is the most rewarding experience and should not be miss for any travelers to Malaysia.
The Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary is one noble yet ambitious elephant conservation program implemented and managed by the Malaysian Wildlife Society. It was set-up to rehabilitate the injured, abandoned, wild elephant that has stray out of their boundaries. These elephant once has been well rehabilitated and in good conditions and has been assessed as fit to survive on it's own, they will be release back to their own natural habitat.
Your tour start from Kuala Lumpur, pick up from your hotel, you will drive through Karak Highway heading to Kuantan direction, passing the world famous Genting Highlands and Bukit Tinggi ResortColmar Tropicale Resort in the middle of journey. One will awed by Malaysia still lush and abundance tropical rain forest on your lefct and right while being shuttle to Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary. Don't miss the small little kampung, food stalls, fruits stalls that sprouting up by the roadside.

First visit to the Deer Farm, drive through the local communities village. Welcome by the lush greeneries in the Rainforest Jungle, visit to the Museum, then Video presentation. Feeding time, proceed to the Open area "Padang" where you will see the local handler feeding the Elephants and bathing the creatures.
You may join in to feed the Elephant with fruits such as carrots and bananas. Afterwards, you may also take a rides on this semi-wild elephants and experience the thrill of bathing with the elephants at a nearby river all under the watchful eye and careful supervision of the elephant's skilled trainers. The specially trained and committed team of wildlife experts are dedicated to the protection and preservation of the Asian elephants.
  • Elephant Ride, Elephant Feeding
  • Elephant Grooming and Bathing
  • Documentary Video Show
  • Drinking Water & Packed Lunch
NOTE: Recommended Gears - Sport Shoes, T-shirts, Long   Pants, Sunglasses & Hat. Please      bring along extra dry clothing including undergarments.

Tour Pick up Time 0900 hours
Tour Durations 07 hours approximate
Tour InclusionSIC Return transfer, Conservation Fees, 1 Picnic Lunch
Fruit Tasting
SIC Rate Adult RM 250 nett per pax per booking (Min 2 paxper booking)
SIC Rate Child RM 180 nett per pax                   (Travel with 2 adults)
PRIVATE Tour RM 500 nett per vehicle per tour
 It is cheaper to hire a vehicle when you have 4 - 5 person.
 (Excluding  entrance fees)

Tour Highlights
Batu Caves  and Hindu Temples
Elephant ride
Elephant feeding
Elephant grooming and bathing (if weather permits)
Video Presentation
Visit Rubber & Palm oil plantations (if time permits)
Feel of Rainforest (drive through)
Driving through Country Side
Eating local cuisine / fruits is an adventure by itself & much more.....

For Booking or Query, Contact us at 
Mobile / What's App : +6019 662 2929  / 019 229 5757

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Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary Adventure Tours




Elephant Sanctuary | Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary | Kuala Gandah Deer Farm | Honey Bear | Orang Asli |Elephant Ride |Elephant Feeding | Elephant Bathing | Elephant Sanctuary Entrance Fee | 

Malaysia Adventure Eco Tours conduct daily departure to Elephant Sanctuary in Kuala Gandah Pahang. This is one of the Kuala Lumpur Eco Tour one should not missed out, suitable for tourist, local Malaysia, Student and Corporate as well. Visitors are advise to arrive into Elephant Sanctuary before 12noon, had own lunch or pack lunch. Limited shed are provided usually is full when it is weekend or when it is Public Holiday in Malaysia. one are allowed to fed the elephant with designated fruit / Vegetables. No elephant ride allow except when having Elephant Bathing activities.

For Query or Booking, please contact ;
Mobile What's App : +6 019 662 2929 | 019 229 5757
Email :

Tour Information
Duration 8 hours
Pick up Time  : 9 am from Kuala Lumpur
Package Rate : RM 220 nett/person - adult
Package Rate : RM 160 nett/person - child ( 4 - 11 yrs)

Notes :
1. The above rates is subject to 10% service charge..

Package Includes
* Pick and drop off at major hotels in Kuala Lumpur
* 01 Simple Picnic Lunch

* Local Fruit Tasting
* Conservation Fee (excluding Elephant Bathing which cost RM30 per person)

Recommended Gear:
Sport shoes, t-shirt, long pants, sunglasses and hat.
Extra clothing to change and towels will be handy & advisable
Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary Adventure Tour

Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary Adventure Tours
Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary Adventure Tours

09.00am  Departure for Kuala Gandah 
              Elephant Sanctuary                     
11.30am  Visit Deer Farm Sanctuary except of 
              Fridays replaced with Batu Caves 
              (Deer Farm is closed)
12.30pm  Arrival at Kuala Gandah Elephant  
              Sanctuary. Light lunch
01.00pm  Briefing & a 30-minute National 
              Geographic documentary at the 
              Visitors Information Centre
01.45pm  Feeding, grooming, bathing and 
              riding of the elephants
04.00pm  Departure for Kuala Lumpur

Elephant Sanctuary Malaysia
Welcome to Kuala Gandah The national Department of Wildlife and National Parks established the Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary in 1989. The center is a base for the elephant relocation team, which began the translocation program in 1974. Being the only one of its kind in Malaysia, the team's duty is to track down, sedating and relocating problem elephants from areas whose natural habitats are constantly encroached by human developments, namely plantations. The captured wild elephants are then relocated to National Parks. Over the past 25 years the 24 strong team has helped the prevent the further decline of the elephant population by relocating more than 500 wild elephants.

Deer Sanctuary
This deer sanctuary is situated in Bukit Rengit, Lanchang, about 140km from Kuantan. Traverse the park's 'Nature Garden' on an elevated boardwalk and marvel at its varieties of herbs and plants. The highlight of a visit here will be the interesting and fascinating deer-feeding session.

The park's 'Animal World' offers attractions such as ostriches, peacocks, deer and a sunbear. Visitors can also go camping or join a guided tour to learn basic jungle survival skills. 
Thank You and  Best Regards

For Query or Booking, please contact ;
Mobile What's App : +6 019 662 2929 | 019 229 5757
Email :
Website  :